A delicious, rich, moist, mild, white fish loaded with Omega-3. Peruvian C-Bass™ is an ancient delicacy from South America which up to recently was facing extinction. These amazing prehistoric fish actually breath atmospheric air, grow to over twelve feet long and can weigh over four hundred pounds. 

Peruvian C-Bass™ (Arapaima ssp. Maximus™)

We are an aquaculture facility located in scenic Sussex County, New Jersey, that specializes in raising the highest quality Peruvian C-Bass ™. American Cobalt was reconstructed from our original tilapia production facility circa 1987. The new construction was completed in December 2014, and we are now capable of supplying fresh, never frozen Peruvian C-Bass. Our fish are grown indoors in a cutting edge environmentally friendly environment. Our water is drawn from a deep pure high alkaline aquifer. The water in our facility is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a perfect, consistent, high quality product. Our president, Bob Occhifinto is a pioneer in the aquaculture industry. Bob has been introducing and developing new methods and technologies in this field for over 30 years.  From 1982-1987, he was the largest importer and wholesaler of tropical and marine fish in the United States, and one of the first people to grow tilapia in a warm water total recirculating system. Through our advanced team of professionals and Bob’s vast knowledge and experience, we are able to provide premium Peruvian C-Bass™. Our trademarked Peruvian C-Bass are never exposed to uncontrollable environmental factors, and they are processed and shipped within hours of being harvested. Our fish are always fresh and on flavor.